WonderHanger - ClothesOrganizer

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Introducing the ingenious hanger organizers:

Let’s face it:

Your storage space is usually limited… and somehow there is always one more piece of cloth that we want to fit in, am I right?

Here is the good news:

At last, there is a simple and ingenious hanger organizer that can free up almost half of your storage space with the hangers you already use.

Wonder how it works?

Truth of the matter is it will take us more time explaining how it works than if you see it for yourself in the video demonstration. So please take a few seconds to watch the video and see how this simple device works and what it can do for you.

Extremely simple, effective and easy to use organizer (8 pcs per pack). Perfect for people with tight storage space or people with more clothes than they can possibly wear :)

One pack consists of 8 organizers (each organizer can take up to 5 hangers). Choose how many packs you need and take advantage of our daily offer

Features & Benefits:

Almost Doubles Your Storage Space:

Because of its simple & ingenious design, the hanger organizer can free up almost half of your storage space

Organizes your clothes

With the hanger organizer, you don't have to waste time finding your favorite clothes. Everything is easily displayed and you can find the cloth you're looking for almost immediately.

Suitable for all types of hangers

It can be used with all types of hangers - plastic, metal or wooden

It can bear up to 10kg (22lb) of weight

Made of extra supported plastic that can handle the winter coats of an entire family of four

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